Mid-Power E-Relay

3-IN-1 product:

Managed by versatile supervision logic and multiple GND/OPN and analog feedback signals. Rugged enough to be used as stand-alone in the aircraft or to be integrated into Power Distribution Units or Panels. The compact design allows close stacking to reduce volume. The same P/N can be con_gured to be used as Electronic relay, Electronic circuit breaker or RCCB. Current can flow in both directions (from A1 to A2 and vice-versa).

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Functional Specification

Rated Voltage: 28V
Operating voltage, min: 12V
Operating voltage, max: 55V
Power consumption: < 400mA @ 28V Current Interruption capability >1000A

e-Relay overcurrent trip curve is compatible with electromechanics Circuit Breakers, ensuring complete exchangeability on existing platforms. Overall current curve accuracy is <5% in the full temperature range.

Weight & Size

Maximum Total Equipment Weight < 300 grams

Environmental Qualification

DO-160G Section Category Notes
4 Temperature and Altitude D2 -55, +70°C, 50,000 ft
5 Temperature variation B 5°C/min
6 Humidity B Severe
8 Vibration U Rotocraft
9 Explosive athmosphere A
10 Waterproofness W
11 Fluids susceptibility F Fuels, Oils, Lubricants
12 Sand and dust S
13 Fungus resistance F
14 Salt fog T
15 Magnetic Effect Z
16 Power Input Z
17 Voltage Spike A
18 Audio frequency Z
19 Induced Signal Susceptibility ZNE/td>

20 Radio Frequency Susceptibility Y Y
21 Emission of radio frequency M
22 Lightning Induced A4 X X
25 Electrostatic Discharge A
26 Fire, flammability C

Safety Specification

MTBF (MILHDBK-217F Notice 2) > 20,000 hrs

No Complex HW or SW is implemented in the device.