Custom Development Products


1. System Brainstorming

Take advantage of our complimentary system engineering expertise. We will work with you to optimize your system, identifying the most cost-effective solution… and it comes for free!


2. Technical Requirement Specification

If you don’t have a technical requirement specification, we can write it in your document template and you will validate it step-by-step. Once completed, you may call for bids involving your preferred potential suppliers, and you will receive our technical and commercial proposal.


By selecting Brancaro Industries as the equipment manufacturer, the cost of this step will be discounted.


3. Equipment Development

Clear processes are a must at Brancaro Industries. Each of our customers has its own online portal with realtime access to:

  • Detailed GANTT Chart, with updated progress
  • Live RAIL (Recurring Action Item List) and updated Risk Register
  • All released project documents

4. Step-by-step Prototyping Phases

Disruptive design is a result of solid knowledge and multiple design-testing iterations. According to specific development risks, we can start testing even before PDR, typically following these prototyping steps:


  • Breadboard model: built before PDR, it ensures the solution is suitable and gives the option to choose among more design choices.
  • Engineering model: produced after PDR, it is a PCB board with final routing and components placement. This step is crucial to be able to present consistent and measured data at CDR for your final approval.
  • Qualification model: this is the final model with its case, to be submitted for the environmental qualification.
  • Lab and SOF prototypes: based on your timeline constrains, these equipments are useful for your system integration laboratory activities or to be installed onboard your prototype.

As a customer, you are always up-to-date about every test we perform, with the possibility to witness them.


5. Qualification & Certification

Brancaro Industries has a solid team for Environmental Qualification, including DO-160, MIL-STD and other guidelines. We pay special attention to high-risk disciplines such as EMC/EMI/HIRF, Lightning and Vibrations.

Our team is dedicated also to DO-178 and DO-254 Software and Complex Hardware qualification. In this way we ensure a flawless certification process, supporting you in the aircraft installation.


6. Production, delivery and customer support

Brancaro Industries has an integrated supply and manufacturing chain, ensuring the maximum traceability from the electronic component up to the equipment S/N. All our production uses the latest technology in assembly machines and materials.