Statement of quality policy


TheĀ  policy quality in Brancaro Industries has been established through definition, application and maintenance of a Quality Assurance Program in compliance to requirements of: and relevant regulations.

  • UNI EN ISO 9100,
  • EASA Part 21
  • AQAP-2110
  • AQAP-2310

and relevant regulations.

To assure compliance to the above regulations, the Executive Board of Brancaro Industries establishes and commits to maintain a Quality Management System (QMS), as well as leads the definition and application of a Quality Assurance program.

The Executive Board defines, endorses and approves a quality manual that collects the directives of the Quality Assurance program aimed at achieving the following goals:

  • Customer Satisfaction, by means of:
    • commitment to the contractual deadlines;
    • product and service provisions matching the contractual items, both formally and informally elicited, in full compliance to applicable regulations

with a measurement of the Customer Satisfaction level for both released products and provided services.

  • Company profitability goals fixed for the current year, without disregarding the Customer Satisfaction by means of:
    • Accurate project control for the current work orders and a fair economical estimate for the future ones being acquired,
  • Risk management against threatening factors against the first 2 goals, Customer Satisfaction and Company profitability, by means of timely Risk mitigation actions;
  • A company strategy centered on a process oriented quality system aimed at minimizing:
    • Operational Risks,
    • Strategics Risks
    • Business Continuity Risks, raised by hiring external professionals with hazard on know-how leakage

Specific care is set to planning and verifying the adequacy of the work environment.

The Executive Board is committed to achieve the above mentioned goals by means of:

  • a Risk-based approach
  • definition of Quality Goals
  • periodic review of the Quality Goals
  • analysis and survey of the Customer satisfaction
  • analysis of the needed resources to satisfy the Customer requirements
  • systematic analysis and review of processes as main factors that affect the product and service provision quality, in order to reduce non conformities and relevant reduction costs;
  • promoting continuos Quality Improvement through a PDCA cycle with definition, sampling and control of process KPI

planning and enacting of improvement initiativesĀ