Production Services

Brancaro Industries has a dedicated area for production: the Malpensa Airport Production Center. Located in the airport nearby area, the production center has very good logistic support for incoming and outcoming goods. In this facility build-to-print boards and equipment are manufactured as well as our own designed equipment.

The overall facility is full ESD compliant, as floor, benches, chairs, cabinets and all tools are dissipative and connected to Earth.

Check-out our capabilities:

SMT and TTH Boards assembly

We can rely on our automated SMT Line for assembly the PCB Boards. One machine can place up to 4500 component/hours, with a footprint down to 0402. We normally assemble FR4, IMS and Rigid-flex boards up to 430mm X 430mm.


We are happy to accept your own kit of components or you can verticalize on us also the procurement of them. Our system keep traceability of production lot, and we isolate your components in our werehouse.

Functional laboratory testing
(board-level and equipment-level)

To ensure correct soldering and assembly process, it is essential to undergo a testing phase. The electronic board, the subassembly or the complete equipment is connected to a dedicated test-bench and the required electronic instruments. Before test begin, a Test Procedure document is shared with the customer. At the end of the test, each part (S/N) has a report with all the results recorded.

Equipment Final Assembly

Final assembly is performed in a FOD (Foreign Object Debris) Controlled Environment. All electronic boards, after testing, go trough a Conformal Coating process. Mechanical parts and fasteners are available at this stage to be assembled in a complete equipment. After all checks and labelling, final report is compiled and the device is ready for final testing.

Harness & Test benches production
(manual, automatic)

Support equipments like the followings are always necessary to satisfy all assembly and engineering tests around an avionic board and equipment:


  • Harnesses (Y-shaped, Extensions, etc…)
  • Adapters
  • Manual Test Benches
  • Automatic Test Bench sets
  • Software RIGS
  • Breakout boxes

All these equipment are designed and built in house. On request we can use MIL materials or Standard Industrial Materials.