At Brancaro Industries we pay special attention to weight, since it is a critical constraint in aerospace design. Avionic equipment need to be lightweight but robust and reliable in order to comply with environmental requirements such as temperature, vibration, acceleration and shock.

3D Modelling

We use 3D modelling and we can interface with your design rules

Structural Analysis

We use finite element method (FEM) for stress, acceleration and vibration analysis

Thermal Analysis

Heat and thermal management is key for high-performance equipments

Rapid Feedback

Analysis results are used in a quick-feedback loop in order to optimize equipment performances

Smart 3D Modelling

Designing an equipment is not only about enclosing an electro-mechanical circuit in a proper case and providing adequate environmental protection. It also requires careful consideration regarding its construction, manufacturing and ease of maintenance at all levels.

At Brancaro Industries we always have in mind those requirements, and we simulate assembly and repair right into the virtual model.


Vibrations are always present on aircraft, especially on rotorcrafts. They are a problem because they cause dispersion of energy, unwanted noise, increase of displacements, of stress and of reaction forces. Moreover, there is also the phenomenon of resonance. In this case, induced oscillations are amplified in time and, if not carefully taken into account during the design, may even lead to the collapse of PCB Boards and electronic components.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you perform structural or thermal analysis on existing design?

Yes. We can import your 3D data or regenerate the 3D model from a physical equipment and perform FEM analysis, both structural and thermal, on your request to validate design or introduce optimizations.

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