Design and analysis are essential to cover all the requirements and reduce risks. At Brancaro Industries, we strive to ensure 360° functionality in all possible operating conditions. We test and demostrate system performance under normal and failure conditions in our laboratories and then we test in flight.


Normal and Failure tests in controlled safe environment


Design and construction of Test Benches and Jigs



Procedures and manoeuvres preparation for Flight Test



Deep data analysis and report preparation

Engineering tests

Our laboratories are equipped to perform functional engineering test on electronic devices as well as mechanical ones including pneumatic or hydraulic parts. We expose the E.U.T. to all possible operating conditions, stimulating inputs and measuring outputs with logging devices.

Integration Tests

Our engineering tests give us complete understanding of equipment performance, that allows us to begin our integration tests.

In this set-up, we connect the E.U.T. in the same operating configuration as installed on the aircraft with real equipments, reducing simulated signal to a minimum. After successful integration tests, flight test may begin.


Brancaro Industries can offer a complete Flight Tests service on our partners aircraft, that includes Small and medium helicopters (Leonardo, Airbus helicopter, Robinson) as well as small and medium airplanes (Cessna, Piper, Pilatus and several Biz-Jet). This includes Flight Test Cards preparation, set-up of the E.U.T. and acquisition system onboard the aircraft, flight operations, data analysis and reports preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide flight data acquisition systems?

Yes, we have our own data acquisition equipment that record all types of signal in order to test and validate equipment functionalities onboard airplanes and helicopters.

Can you provide integration test benches?

Yes, we are able to design, develop and build all required test benches to test your equipment in normal and all failure modes. Our capabilities include electronic test benches, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic benches.

Do you provide data analysis?

Yes. For every test we accomplish we produce test plan and report, including all recorded data. We can perform statistical analysis and provide RAW data.

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