Brancaro Industries serves only the Aerospace Market. This allow us to continuously build our electronic design knowledge around this market segment and its specificity. No other application has the same peculiarity in term of reliability, safety, environmental qualification, hirf, lightning and weight.

Digital boards

I/O Management, ARINC-429, AFDX, MIL-STD-1553…


Analog circuits

Signal Conditioning, Sensors, Voltage Level Translator…

Microprocessors & Microcontrollers

Logics, Control, Monitoring, Communication, Storage

Power electronics

Switching Power Supplies, AC and DC Power converters

We anticipate environmental qualification

EMC, HIRF, Lightning are normally the most difficult environmental qualification requirements to meet from the electrical point of view. From the first stage of design, we address these requirements and, in order to reduce risk, we usually do engineering tests on a simple prototype.

Safety first!

Safety and Reliability requirements are paramount in aerospace design & development. Therefore for every project we identify critical functions and we tailor circuits to provide coverage for those requirements. This allows us to have no unexpected design changes when formal RAMS documentation is created.

State-of-the-art tools

Brancaro Industries uses the most advanced technology and tools to meet your needs, including Altium Designer, Cadence OrCAD, Linear Technology LTspice, Mentor Graphics DxDesigner. Our team can adapt to your tools as well in order for you to keep consistency among your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you modify our design, rather than starting from scratch?

Yes, we can start using your field-proven-design and add functionalities or modify existing ones on top of it. This normally reduces costs and risks.

Can you perform de-risking simulation?

We normally perform deep analysis and simulation including component tolerances (monte-carlo analysis), temperatures, radiated fields and lightning. This drastically reduce first prototypes rework.

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