Avionic Equipments Design & Development

Brancaro Industries main expertise is the design, development of avionics equipments and electrical devices onboard helicopters, airplanes and UAVs. We follow the full development lifecycle from the requirements identification to the flight testing and certification, satisfying our customers.

– All – or – Just what you need –

Brancaro Industries can assist you in the full development lifecycle: from requirements through to certification, but we can also provide just the step you need, integrating into your own team’s activities. We can support you by providing additional effort to fill the gaps or to cover workload peaks. 

Our design capability includes:

  • Pressurization Systems

  • Ice and Rain Protection Systems

  • Engine Monitoring Systems

  • Electrical Power Generation & Distribution (EPGDS)

  • BUS Translator Interfaces (ARINC, SERIAL, LAN, CAN…)

  • Maintenance Systems

  • I/O Management Systems

  • Crew Alerting Systems (CAS)

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